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Enjoy Breathtaking Thrill Rides in Myrtle Beach for This Vacation

Enjoy Breathtaking Thrill Rides in Myrtle Beach for This Vacation

Why not make your trip to Myrtle Beach even more exciting and breathtaking this year? Add thrill rides to your list of things to do in Myrtle Beach, and enjoy the adrenaline rush of a lifetime! Make sure that you choose a comfortable Myrtle Beach vacation rental, as you will need a good place to rest after a day spent exploring the thrill rides that the area has to offer.
Make sure that the thrill seeker in you doesn’t miss out on the following breathtaking rides in Myrtle Beach,
=        Enjoy a ride on Slingshot Myrtle Beach, and get an experience of a lifetime! Strap yourself in and be prepared to have yourself vaulted at about 300 feet, come down and then bounce back again! Definitely not for the fainthearted, the Slingshot is just the thing if you are one thrill seeker who just can’t get enough. Enjoy the faces of your audience on the ground, on the ride mounted camera, as they gaze in amazement as you are propelled through the air.
=        Get on the Skyscraper, and enjoy a ride on the two ended giant propeller, as it takes you around and upside down. Enjoy flying to heights of around 160 feet and capture the experience on a camera on the ride. You can buy the two minute video of pure fun later.
=        Enjoy a ride at the famous Swamp Fox Roller Coaster, which was built in 1966 and is one of 4 in the entire state. Enjoy a rough ride on the old wooden roller coaster, as you ride a 2,400 foot giant figure, with an 8 style track. Go up and down as you reach amazing speeds of 50 miles per hour.
Enjoy the thrills of a lifetime and let the adrenaline rush encourage you to try out one thrill ride after another. If you need help in finding a comfortable Myrtle Beach vacation rental, then contact us at (888) 808-2788. Make your trip as thrilling as ever!        

Friday, October 7, 2016

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