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What to Do When It Is Raining While At Myrtle Beach

What to Do When It Is Raining While At Myrtle Beach

Rainy weather often puts a damper to plans of going out and enjoying the beach and waves, but an out pour doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to spend it cooped up inside your vacation rental in Myrtle Beach as there are countless other ways in which you can pass away that time, in a relaxing and fun manner! 

You Can Go Shopping

Who doesn’t love to shop, be it men or women? Myrtle Beach is home to some of the best shopping centers, malls, outlet stores, and boutiques in the area which literally translates to a shopper’s paradise! Make your way to the Tanger outlet store on a rainy day or head over to the Gray Dolphin located down the boulevard. Indoor flea markets are also a favorite pastime for when it rains.  

You Can Go Bowling

Bowling is considered to be the all favorite pastime in Myrtle Beach. There’s no better day to take out your entire family or go out with a bunch of close friends to the bowling alleys scattered in and around Myrtle Beach and indulge in an afternoon of fun, than when it’s raining. 

You Can Go Out To Eat

Home to over 1,000 restaurants, it seems people here love to eat as much as play golf at Myrtle Beach. Here you will find a lot of variety to suit any palate; from authentic steak houses, to endless seafood buffets. If it’s your first day at Myrtle Beach, head over to Oscar’s in North Myrtle Beach for a food adventure that you won’t forget. 

Friday, September 18, 2015

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