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Myrtle Beach Family Beach Guide

Myrtle Beach Family Beach Guide

There’s just something so inherently relaxing and peaceful about having a vacation at the beach, and now with a multitude of options to choose when it comes to Myrtle Beach’s vacation rentals, your family will surely have the time of their lives there.  So, whether you are traveling to Myrtle Beach for the very first time or the 40th, refrain from making any reservations until you have checked out the following!

Where to Stay at Myrtle Beach

Kingston Plantation: Considered to be one of the best and most desired areas to spend your vacation at, you won’t find any trouble finding places to stay at Kingston Plantation, Myrtle Beach. Are you looking for the best place to stay during your vacation at Myrtle Beach? Look no further than Kingston Resorts, one of the largest resort complexes that can be found on the beach. As expected by a resort of this size, when it comes to amenities and facilities, the establishment offers: 

=         A Sports Club

=         Indoor Swimming Pool

=         A Fully furnished Gym

=         And much more

Where to Dine At Myrtle Beach

Scattered at Kingston Plantation and Myrtle Beach are all you can eat establishments and pancake houses that will definitely have you coming back for second helpings. Other than this, you can also discover some very trendy restaurants and eating places, where the food offered is absolute heaven!

For a great place to breakfast at, The Bagel Factory is a no-brainer here; not only do they serve great food, but also at an affordable price tag!

What to Do While at Myrtle Beach

Majority of people who visit Myrtle Beach for their vacations are attracted to the peace and serenity the area offers. In terms of entertainment, the beach offers countless attractions and sights to occupy the attention of visitors.

The area of Myrtle Beach and Kingston Plantation includes more than 100 shops for shopping purposes and 20 restaurants where you can sample any type of food.

Myrtle Beach is the ultimate family destination that offers a great number of opportunities for entertainment, sightseeing and shopping – so have you booked your flight yet? 

Friday, August 21, 2015

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