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Experience Wildlife and Nature in Myrtle Beach

Experience Wildlife and Nature in Myrtle Beach 

Witness nature in full bloom!
If wildlife and nature appeal to you, then Myrtle Beach is your ideal destination for a vacation. Vacation rentals Myrtle Beach is here to welcome you with open arms as you voyage through exciting adventures. Read on to find out what makes Myrtle Beach the quintessential get away!
What Makes the Local Climate so Perfect?
Once you have booked with Palmetto Vacation Rentals Myrtle Beach, you will fall in love with the sub tropical climate of the local area. If you are from any of the South Atlantic states or the Gulf, you will be happy to find a home away from home in the sweet embrace of the South Carolinian shore.  
With an abundance of sunshine and the persistently playful sea breeze, you have all the ingredients of the perfect holiday. So each time you head out for an exciting activity, you are greeted by pleasant weather.
What Kind of Wildlife Adventures Should You Expect?
Sea Life
If sea life is what entices you, then Ripley’s Aquarium is your destination to witness some of the finest marine species from all over the world. The aquarium is 85,000-foot long and is home to an extensive range of thrilling activities. Once here, you have the opportunity to witness exotic sea life; such as the wild Piranhas and the quickest of stingrays from the depths of the mysterious Amazon. You will also be able to see some docile creatures, such as various species of sea turtles and starfish.  
Here, there is also a 340-foot long walkway which moves slowly as it guides you through a tunnel of sharks and snappers. This gives you the best chance to see these wild creatures up close and personal.
Rare Wildlife
Visit the Tiger Perseveration Station to come across the finest members of Phylum Chordata as they go about their daily routine. Here, you will get the once in a lifetime chance to see Siberian, Bengal and royal white Bengal Tigers.
You may also visit the Huntington State Park to have a closer look at a variety of wild life in their natural habitat.
So book with Kingston Plantation today and get a chance to explore the wilder side of life!

Friday, June 12, 2015

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