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What to do on a rainy day at Myrtle Beach

What to do on a rainy day at Myrtle Beach

In the words of the beautiful Rosamund Pike, “I look my best when I’m totally free, on holiday, walking on the beach.” If you want to feel the same way, then a holiday at Myrtle Beach is just what you need. Book your holiday with Myrtle Beach Vacation Rentals and be mesmerized by the scenic beauty of the seashore. You will be surprised by the number of activities you can enjoy on your fulfilling time-out. Anxious about what to do if the weather decides to take a sudden switch? No need for any worries as our very own Myrtle Beach is full of festivities even on a rainy day. Mentioned below are a host of ideas that you can employ to make the most of your rainy day at the beach.

Add waves of liveliness to your life with vacation rentals Myrtle Beach!

Myrtle Beach offers some of the most thrilling activities even during a cloudburst. You can make sure to have a good time with your family and friends at a variety of dinners and live entertainment shows.

The Grand Strand Theater

 You have the opportunity to experience theater at the Grand Strand which has the world’s best talent. These shows are continuously available and never leave you high and dry. Music, romance, drama or comedy – there is something for everyone at the theater on Myrtle Beach.

The historical programs:

Given below is a list of historical programs that you can enjoy at the Myrtle Beach.

=         Pirates Voyage Show and Dinner

This show has all the elements for the ultimate experience that thrills all your senses to the extreme. Witness once again, the lives and times of the pirates that embarked on myriad voyages on the shores of Carolina singing, “We know we are the finest, onward to victory!”

This program depicts the story of two pirates in search of a hidden treasure. This search would lead them into different situations and takes the audience on board a journey filled with mystery and excitement.

A follow up with the signature ‘pirates’ feast’ of voyager creamy vegetable soup, Captain’s BBQ pork, Apple O’Me Eye Pie and the likes, awaits you after the show. You can also enjoy at the interact6ive pirates village after the show. 

=         Medieval Times Banquet and tournament

This two hour long show features performances by trained horses and artists that will take you through the journey of medieval times. The entire theater has colored seats representing all the knights that you will witness battling it out on stage. This intense entertainment package will keep you on your toes throughout the entire length of the show.

Be sure to have the time of your lives even on a rainy day with the services of Myrtle Beach vacation rentals at your disposal.


Thursday, February 26, 2015

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