Blog > November 2015 > Take a Trip to Myrtle Beach and Check off Activities from Your Bucket List – Part II

Take a Trip to Myrtle Beach and Check off Activities from Your Bucket List – Part II

Take a Trip to Myrtle Beach and Check off Activities from Your Bucket List – Part II

No matter how much of money you spend on Myrtle Beach vacation rentals, you still need to plan some other fun activities to make your trip a memorable one. We’ve already talked about the adventurous activities one can engage in, at Myrtle Beach, and this part II continues where we left off to provide you more fun to indulge in from your bucket list.

Helicopter Rides

Don’t spend all day in your Myrtle Beach vacation rental when you can view the exceptional scenery through helicopter tours. At $20, these affordable and adventurous helicopter rides are flown by highly skilled pilots that will give you views to remember for a lifetime. The tour extends as far across the coast as the border of North Carolina. With proper management, the tours can be pre-booked online, through phone as well as via walk in options. Depending on the weather conditions, these tours are available almost daily and have supportive staff to guide the tourists towards their ride.


Kayaking is also called ocean surfing. The kayaks used here are specially designed to make them stable for the riders to sit on top, to re-board easily, if they fall off. This provides the right opportunity for all beginners, young and old, to learn and enjoy simultaneously. Kayaking at Myrtle Beach lets you navigate in the ocean and keeps your blood pumping as you battle the sea.


One of the most popular spots for surfing, Myrtle Beach has produced many champions of the sport. With extremely effective training lessons including stunts like aerials, backsides and other moves, as well as private and group training given by professionals; this is a must try in the area.

Zip Lines

You can enjoy the landscape of Myrtle Beach, not just by sitting in the vacation rentals, but also while zip lining above it. Zip Lines give tourists the chance to see some exceptional sights and get inspired by them while hanging from a cord. The adventurer can simply push, move and let go whenever gravity glides them safely to the other end.

This concludes our list of adventures that you can experience in Myrtle Beach. Book a rental now to enjoy these activities and more.

Friday, November 13, 2015

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