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Two Weeks Budget for an Amazing Myrtle Beach Vacation

Two Weeks Budget for an Amazing Myrtle Beach Vacation

Are you planning a getaway to Myrtle Beach? Sounds like a great idea, since you can get around Myrtle Beach and have lots of fun without having to break the bank. Despite being a tourist destination, Myrtle Beach is one of the most economical vacation retreats, not just in the USA, but all over the world. There are always events and things to do at Myrtle Beach at a reasonable budget. If you haven’t decided a budget for the vacation but do know that you’ll be there for two weeks, here are our suggestions to go around Myrtle Beach in a wallet friendly way! 
Vacation Rentals
Instead of booking a hotel, we would recommend that you get a rental condo or villa at Myrtle Beach. Not only will they be cheaper, you will also get the basic amenities like housekeeping and toiletries with them. While you may have to spend somewhere around $100 to $300, depending on how near or far you are to the waterfront. But with rental condos and villas, you can get a nice place to stay for about $50 to $200. That of course can be shared if you’re going with other people.  
What’s Free? 
Now that you know how much you will spend on a place to stay, let’s move to the interesting part. First and foremost, the beach is definitely a great place to take some time out from your worries. It’s a 60 miles of sandy and picturesque beach that becomes even more beautiful when the sun starts to sink. 
The Broadway at the Beach is another ‘must see’ entertainment and shopping complex at Myrtle Beach. Surrounding a manmade lake, the Broadway at the Beach is a 350 acre outdoor extravagance where you can be throughout the day and night and not get bored. Savory restaurants, classy dining, live entertainment, and above all, a vivid nightlife awaits you! 
There are festivals and events throughout the year at Myrtle Beach, centered on comedy, live music, art, and other entertainment. These events don’t really need an entry fee. All you have to do is look up the events calendar and find a suitable month where events are jam packed.  
Speaking of jam packed, the Pier at Garden City Beach features live music against the backdrop of the ocean breeze. Grab a bite, have a few drinks, and dance the night on!
What’s Not? 
Take a helicopter ride over the Myrtle Beach for only $20 with a commercial rated pilot. Make sure to bring sunglasses to sink in the view of the spectacular beach.
Shopping at local vendors is not only cheap, but you’ll find some stunning dresses, purses, tropical wear, portraits, and souvenirs. The shopping experience at Myrtle Beach is one of the best in the US, so make sure you keep at least $100 to $150! 
Last but not the least, pay $20.95 and enter the Oceanfront Water Park, the best water park there is in the east coast. It features wild water rides, peed slides, laze rivers, kid pools, and everything else that can make your vacation complete!

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