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Shopping Extravagance at Myrtle Beach

Shopping Extravagance at Myrtle Beach

Myrtle Beach is not another coastal city that desperately markets itself as ‘the top coastal destination’ like others do. Myrtle Beach is a culture and historically significant city and is the heartbeat of South Carolina. If there is anything that the city has to offer, it’s one of the finest shopping experience in the world. 
While Myrtle Beach is not traditionally known as a shopping destination, it definitely has the extravagance to be one. From coastal wear to party apparel, jewelry to shoes, and collectibles to local goods, Myrtle Beach has a very diverse shopping sector and one that continues to grow.
Broadway At The Beach
Broadway At The Beach is the best place to be at any time of the year if you want to experience the true colors of Myrtle Beach. It’s basically the hippest so called ‘neighborhood’ in the coastal city that has fine shopping, dining, and entertainment. There are international brands and local vendors available at the Broadway, and there is something for everyone, even on a shoestring budget. 
The best thing about Broadway is the fact that as the day changes to night, so do the vendors. During the day, you will be served many refreshing cocktails while you look for something to buy. But as soon as night strikes, out come the drinks and that’s when things start to get a little vibrant at Broadway. You can find coastal themed apparel, collectibles, footwear, and just about everything that you would expect at an open beach bazaar.  
We highly recommend you shop from local vendors as they have really fancy coastal clothes and beachwear at cheaper rates. And well, it’s our job to promote the local economy as well, so that’s another reason! 
Coastal Grand Mall
If you’re not into the whole open bazaar thing, then our local mall will definitely impress you. Coastal Grand Mall is located at Coastal Grand Central is THE biggest mall in all South Carolina. It has all the major stores that you can think of, including Abercrombie & Fitch, Bath & Body Works, Claire’s, Kay Jewelers, and Victoria’s Secret. 
If you really want to try what the locals have to offer, then there are local vendor stores available at Coastal Grand Mall as well. The mall also has spas and massage centers to kick back and take some steam off after a day full of shopping adrenaline. On another note, you can get bumper deals if you follow their website. Keep tabs on the events at Coastal Grand Mall as well!
Shopping Extravagance
Broadway and Coastal Grand Mall are just two examples of what the city has to offer for shopping junkies. If you want to have the thrill of shopping at high-end stores, then we have it. If you want to experience what the local shopping experience has to provide, then Myrtle Beach is that place. All you need to do now is find a nice place for your vacation at Myrtle Beach and get ready for a comprehensive experience full of fun, excitement, and shopping!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

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