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Renting a Condo Vs Renting a Villa at Myrtle Beach

Renting a Condo Vs Renting a Villa at Myrtle Beach

If you have planned a short getaway to Myrtle Beach, then all we can say is you made the right choice. Myrtle Beach is your beach destination that has a vibrant lifestyle that can be enjoyed under a budget. That being said, the hotels and resorts can be very expensive, and the rates only increase, as you get closer to the waterfront.
If you have decided to find a rental accommodation at Myrtle Beach, then you’re in luck because you can easily find a condo, villa, or townhouse just about anywhere in the coastal city. A lot of what you rent will depend on how your vacation is planned. Here we will discuss the two most popular rental accommodations. 
Renting a Condo
Condos are ideal when there are limited people with you, preferably not more than four. You can easily find an apartment in Kingston, North Myrtle Beach, and the waterfront. These three prime locations will help you explore Myrtle Beach throughout your stay without having to pay too much for public transport.
Condos are available in all shapes and sizes, and are a cheaper alternative over villas. You can easily find a 2, 3, and even 4 bedroom condo across town. However, don’t expect the same amenities as you would in a hotel. In a rental condo, you can expect good internet, cable TV, basic toiletries and kitchenettes, daily cleaning services, and a guide map to the city. That’s pretty much everything you need to survive in Myrtle Beach and do more activities with your budget. 
Renting a Villa
While renting a condo is the ideal choice for a small number of people, there is no reason why you shouldn’t rent a villa if you have a healthy budget for the vacation. Myrtle Beach villas along the Ocean Forest Plaza, North Myrtle Beach, Magnolia, and River Oaks are some of the best rental accommodations that you can find around the United States.  
Villas are generally available from three to five bedrooms, and are ideal for families of a large group of friends that are looking for a classy place to crash. You will definitely get the all the basic amenities that condo rental providers offer. If you rent a high-end villa, which are available throughout the coastal city, you might as well get swimming pool, gym, Jacuzzi, and sauna facilities.
Depending on who you go with, how many people you go with, and the budget that you can work on, you should choose from either of the two. You can always choose a townhouse or a stay-inn lodge, but rental accommodation in Myrtle Beach is of better standards at more or less the same rates. Some rentals even match the standards in facilities and amenities that hotels offer, without charging you with their rates of course.
If you think you have made your mind, then find the best rental accommodation with us. Even if you haven’t, you can always have a look at the properties that are available for rent to have a better idea! 

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

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